Peter Sutherland: Game and History of Earth


Photographer Peter Sutherland has two new publications, Game and History of Earth, which are both launching tonight at an event at Printed Matter in NYC

As you may recall from a previous CH post, Peter is a member of the Chinatown Soccer Club, a loosely-organized group of artists, designers and the like. In addition to playing soccer, Peter has been busily documenting the games and the ever-evolving urban scenery around the soccer field. His new book Game is a collection of these photos, which range from formal portraits to action shots. (Pictured above right.)

History of Earth is a series of photos that moves from the most rural to the most urban settings. (Pictured above left.) As visual person, this project was a way for Peter (someone who'd always had a hard time learning history) to understand and imagine the past. He says he chose images to convey different iconic themes, like war (kids loading a gun), sex (a 70s Playmate puzzle), chance (dice), family (a shot of his brother and another of his granddad’s funeral). Peter remarks, “the line between rural and urban is suburban, which is where I am from and what I know.†Published on full-size newsprint, the book is part of a series called Lumen by artbeat that aims to provide inexpensive exposure to emerging artists.

Both Game and History of Earth are available online from Printed Matter.

Game and History of Earth Double Book Launch
8 March 2007, 5-7pm
Printed Matter
195 Tenth Avenue
New York, NY 10011map
tel. +1 212 925 0325

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