Peter Sutherland: Hot Coals Only


Following the wild success of his first NYC solo show earlier this year, photographer Peter Sutherland is doing what he does best and hitting the road for an encore solo show opening at the Hope Gallery in L.A. this weekend.


Sutherland, who's also a documentary filmmaker, is as interesting himself as the subjects he chooses. A Chameleon-like style—though his lumber jack beard is consistent—and vivid personality affords him intimate access to different people and places, resulting in candidly spontaneous narrative photographs.


According to Sutherland, the show has a kind of “post-Apocalyptic†feel to it. The lo-tech mixed media display includes numerous photos, a video of what would seem to be a snake charmer (in reality it's just a hand with a knife), and a variety of items paying homage to his Western roots, such as a Colorado flag in Rasta colors.

A testament to the artist's rambling ways, of the 100-plus photos in the show, Sutherland doesn't include any taken in his home base of Manhattan. He found the cast of kids, other big-bearded men and odd characters in his photos, as well as images like graffiti-covered rocks in the wilderness, while driving across the States.

For the exhibit, rather than framing the images, Sutherland instead just mounted them to the wall, encouraging viewers to get close to experience the photos. Like a Jack Kerouac of photography, Sutherland's work makes you want to hit the road.


In conjunction with the show, Seems will be publishing a complete catalog of Sutherland's work, which will be released at the opening reception barbecue on Sunday. See details below.

Hot Coals Only
Opening BBQ: 10 May 2009, 1-4pm
10 May-10 June 2009
Hope Gallery
1547 Echo Park Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90026 map
tel. +1 310 488 3732