Studio Rider Founder Alma Lacour’s “Brief Briefs” Spark Creativity

Encouragement for artists, writers, makers and imaginers who long for structured assignments

Amidst our shifted quarantine schedules, many have grappled with time lost, time gained or strained, blank brain spaces, and the pressure to accomplish something—or anything. Artist advocate and collaborative coach Alma Lacour (founder of creative agency Studio Rider and an alum of Bernstein & Andriulli and Mass Appeal) understands that often, when we’re hoping to be creative, we need a spark. With her #briefbriefs assignments on Instagram, Lacour provides the prompts and everyone’s welcome to participate.

“Before I started #briefbriefs, I opened my calendar to offer 10 hours of free collaboration time. I wanted to reconnect with my community and have a sense of creativity without any strings attached,” Lacour shares with us. “That’s what sparked #briefbriefs, my friends and collaborators kept expressing the desire to connect with other people through creativity. I thought, ‘If I can give my time away for free, why not some ideas too?’ I was so thrilled when I got the first rounds of artwork back. I thought, ‘Wow, free ideas do work!'”

The briefs can be answered through any medium: photography, text, sketches, whatever one imagines. Lacour will continue to make them for as long as people continue to interact with them. Conceiving of each offers her a creative outlet, too. “My vision for mentoring, coaching and managing business is all based on the same core values,” she adds. “Ride the wave of creativity and be generous with your abilities, thoughts and collaboration. There’s enough to go around for everyone.”

Images courtesy of Alma Lacour