Transcendent Waves: How Listening Shapes Our Creative Lives

In this how-to guide and workbook, sound-healing practitioner and mediation teacher Lavender Suarez (who also releases music under the moniker C Lavender) delves into how listening can impact self-awareness, mindfulness and creativity. Through scientific evidence, illustrated meditations, anecdotes and insightful questions, Suarez offers advice on how to listen more thoughtfully and what can be gleaned from truly tapping into sound.

Gavin Turek’s Summer Playlist for COOL HUNTING

The recording artist addresses her highly anticipated debut album, poolside jams and the joy of completing a project

Singer-songwriter Gavin Turek released her sparkly, disco-tinged R&B EP, Good Look For You, back in 2017 and ever since, fans have eagerly awaited more. Now poised to release her debut album, Madame Gold (named for her bold, powerful, superhero alter-ego), LA-based Turek is feeling a mixture of emotions—nervous, proud and hopeful. As with her first album, she worked closely with Chris Hartz (who Turek says is her …

Lil Loom Kit

Ideal for those starting out with looming or who don’t want to commit to a massive project, WE GATHER sells this Lil Loom Kit. Along with a pre-threaded frame (measuring three by three inches), the set includes six different colored yarns, a weaving needle and illustrated instructions. The craft-centered brand also offers the slightly larger Simple Loom Kit, and the even bigger Frame Loom Kit.