The World’s First Commercially Available Bioplastic 12-Inch Record

This split-single album features music by Michael Stipe and Beatie Wolfe

The world’s first commercially available sustainable bioplastic record will be a split single, featuring songs by Michael Stipe and Beatie Wolfe. Limited to 500 copies, and made by Evolution Music in collaboration with climate emergency organization EARTH/PERCENT, the album (available for pre-order today) comprises Stipe’s debut solo track “Future, If Future” and Wolfe’s “Oh My Heart.”

Founded by Brian Eno, EARTH/PERCENT focuses on five key issues: “greening music, energy transition, climate justice, legal and policy change, and protecting nature.” All proceeds from sales of the record will go to the organization’s grantmaking fund.

Wolfe tells COOL HUNTING that her involvement in the project was organic, and began when she gave a talk at SXSW with Eno earlier this year. The talk was about “our environmental work and how art and nature are core to our humanity.” Next, Wolfe worked with EARTH/PERCENT on their Earth Day initiative, “which evolved into this very special limited edition bioplastic 12-inch release with Michael Stipe and myself, pioneered by Evolution Music. This project felt like the perfect fit as it was records that first imprinted on me as a kid and made me want to reimagine the vinyl for the digital age which led to a series of new formats for music. So this release really combines two of my greatest loves: the environment and records.”

She tells us that she selected the track because its theme is apt for the project, and for the overall mission. “I felt like ‘Oh My Heart’ was the right song for this eco release as it’s a cry for the planet and humanity at this point in time. EARTH/PERCENT had released the live version of the song (which I performed at the Nobel Prize Summit) for their Earth Day campaign so it was great to have this unreleased studio version available for the first time. And it was wonderful to hear the two songs side-by-side, as they felt like the perfect complement to one another.”

Images courtesy of EARTH/PERCENT