Through The Warp

Exhibition of textile-inspired work bends perception


Exploring the construction that literally makes up the fabric of our lives, "Through The Warp" presents seven different approaches to the concept of forms built out of congruent lines and overlapping repetition. Though the theme may seem vague, the pieces all share a tension inherent to the imposed design structure. Established artists such as Karl Erickson, Beryl Korot and Lawrence Weiner are involved in the installation-based exhibit, which includes artworks in various multimedia platforms like woven fibers, acrylic and oil paint, wood and canvas. Encouraging patrons to enter with an open mind, Through The Warp aims to interact "with this ancient framework in ways that warp prior perceptions of familiar structures, or even put forth a new language altogether."


A standout, Joell Baxter's latest sculpture "Endless Day, Endless Night (for G.M.B.)" is a pillow-like piece is entirely constructed of screenprinted paper, which he hand-cuts and weaves together to form the four foot square pieces. Also make sure to check out the pair of John Houck's framed, archival pigment prints.


Catch "Through The Warp" at Regina Rex, an independent, artist-run exhibition space located in Ridgewood, Queens, until 19 June 2011.