Without You Baby, There Ain’t No Us


One of my favorite installations at this year's Scope Miami was "Without You Baby, There Ain't No Us," a special Scope project by Comenius Reothlisberger and Admir Jahic of The Invisible Heroes. Fascinated with the YouTube phenomenon, Comenius and Admir have created a series of drawings on handmade paper which document a variety of videos, from the utterly absurd (a video featuring an animated potato) to pop culture classics (like Apple's famous Super Bowl commercial from 1984, above right).

In each drawing (measuring 21" x 30"), the artists have rendered a freeze-frame, complete with video title, user ratings, and number of views. The resulting collection is both distressing and humorous in its ability to highlight our often vulgar predilections.

To purchase a YouTube drawing, email Comenius at cr [at] comenius [dot] ch.

More examples after the jump .