Ten from 25: Emerging Artists Using Photography Exhibition

by Stephanie Miles


Sharing their unique perspectives on the world, ten artists make up a new photography exhibit on New York's Upper West Side. Nestled in a long-vacant storefront at 25 Central Park West, the photographs represented in "10 from 25: Emerging Artists Using Photography" showcase a series of new approaches and attitudes toward the traditional medium of photography from artists Angela Beallor, Teresa Christiansen, Bess Greenberg, Kim Kremer, Rebecca (Marks) Leopold, Jamie Lund, Paul Qaysi, Hyla Skopitz, Adam Ward and Alyssa Taylor Wendt.


25CPW, an artist-run space intended to be a place for curators, writers, educators, and artists themselves to interact, explore and learn, make up the "25" part of the title.


The inaugural exhibition at the newly-created gallery aims to "challenge photographic representation" and the "depiction of identity within a changing technological landscape."

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10 from 25: Emerging Artists Using Photography
Through 13 December 2009
25 Central Park West
New York, NY 10023 map