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The Dikan Center, Africa’s Largest Photography Library, Opens in Ghana

Located in Accra, Ghana, the Dikan Center is the largest photography library in Africa, comprising 30,000+ books, a photo studio, an exhibition space and classrooms to host workshops aimed at bolstering African creatives. The newly opened and first-of-its-kind center was founded by Ghanaian photographer Paul Ninson and came to fruition after Ninson met the author of Humans of New York, Brandon Stanton, who kickstarted crowdfunding for the Dikan. The collection honors pioneering Black photographers and West Africa’s history with the medium, from its introduction in the 1840s to visual artists today, like Malick Sidibé and James Barnor. Beyond celebrating Africa’s rich photographic past, the center is dedicated to empowering and inspiring future artists, too. Learn more at The Guardian.

Image courtesy of the Dikan Center

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