Fiona Thomson Lights and Speaker


Fiona Thomson revisits iconic 19th century forms, adding a modern twist by using simple technologies to create and adapt products for the 21st century. Recently unveiled at the New Designers event in London, each of her works cleverly transforms what were purely ornamental objects into functional and useful objects.

One such standout example is Thomson's take on the traditional candelabra. She modernizes the romantic object with electricity but maintains the important portable characteristic by making it cordless. Much like other similar lighting devices we've seen in recent years, the Cordless Candelabra's charging station means it's more eco-friendly too.

Another modern upgrade to old-world decor, "Ode to Beethoven" is a speaker and iPod dock ironically concealed within a bust of its namesake. It also ups the visual status of an object that you usually try to hide.


Following the same theme, "Sit" is a lamp inspired by the large animal statues found outside grand 19th century homes. By re-appropriating the stately dog statue and adding light, it becomes a different sort of companion.

Unfortunately, only Sit is presently available for purchase. Available in black, white and porcelain for £250, contact Thomson directly at fiona_jean19 [at] hotmail [dot] com for purchasing details and visit her website for more info. We hope to see the Cordless Candelabra and Ode to Beethoven pushed into production soon.