The IKEA + Sonos SYMFONISK Collection

Minimal decor elements with double the functionality

Previewed at Salone del MobileSonos and IKEA‘s SYMFONISK collection—speakers that moonlight as lamps and shelves—accentuates each brand’s best attributes. By taking what IKEA does best (producing simple designs at affordable prices) and what Sonos creates (high-quality audio systems that can integrate seamlessly), the SYMFONISK collection is a splendid amalgamation of the talents of two giants—and one that reduces clutter and the number products needed to furnish a home or office.

“We knew from the start that we wanted to challenge the traditional high-tech aesthetics. The lamp-speaker partly springs from the idea of the fireplace—one single piece that spreads warm light as well as sound,” IKEA of Sweden designer Iina Vuorivirta explains. Sonos’ products are excellent and it takes just one glance at them to understand their function. For this collection, both the lamp and the shelf (each available in black or white) dually serve as decor and components of a larger sound system—or standalone speakers.

The black table lamp (our favorite) features a heather fabric body, a wide plate-like base and all of the capabilities of a Sonos One speaker. Plus, when lit, the bulb turns a warm, gold hue. The lighting is moodier than a fluorescent bulb, and delightfully so. When paired with a pre-existing Sonos system, the lamp blends in unlike regular Sonos speakers, and stands 16″ inches tall and accommodates a 7W bulb.

The shelf boasts an identical fabric body but less plastic throughout. It can stand up like a book (which works quite well, and is practically indistinguishable as a bookend) or lie flat atop another shelf. Or, if you’re willing to place it somewhere where its cord can reach an outlet (frankly, its length isn’t ideal), the shelf can be mounted using one of IKEA’s pre-existing systems—the KUNGSFORS Rail, FINTORP Rail or SYMFONISK Hook. The speaker itself is six inches deep, 12 inches wide and can accommodate up to 3kg as a shelf. The sound is comparable to other Sonos devices but it can be a tad faint from across the room—though, this doesn’t matter when it is paired with other Sonos speakers.

Altogether, this release fuses two products that would otherwise be sold separately and likely at a higher total cost—the shelf will be available for $99 and the lamp for $179. They’ll hit IKEA stores exclusively in August.

Images courtesy of IKEA