CH ExtraOrd

Our new font designed by Miles Newlyn

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We are well underway on a redesign of Cool Hunting that will bring you an extraordinary new interface to even further elevate the quality of the original content we create. Among the various components of this project is a custom display font for our titles and subtitles designed by world renowned British typographer, Miles Newlyn. As part of Diet Coke’s just-launched Shift-X campaign, we’re excited to not only preview this font for you now, but also make it freely available for you to download and use. If you’re reading this on our web page, just press Shift-X on your keyboard right now to get the package (if you’re reading this via RSS or in our iPad app, head over to in a browser on your Mac or PC before pressing Shift-X).


CH ExtraOrd, as our font has been named, is an evolution of Newlyn’s Rubrik which was designed to “describe a softer and more natural use of technology, and was inspired by the helpful feel of a manual typewriter.” His challenge, to create a typeface that is distinctive without overpowering our content, resulted in a rounding off of the lowercase forms and strengthening of the uppercase ones.

This promotion will run until 18 December 2011 so be sure to Shift-X before then. In addition to CH ExtraOrd your download will include Can-Can, Fizzicist, Ice Machine and Sparkl—a set of Diet Coke inspired fonts. Keep an eye on @DietCokeUS and #shiftx for more hidden gems.