CH Gift Guide: Special Occasions

Compelling presents for anyone in your life, anytime of year

Major holidays are the perfect time to peruse the Cool Hunting Gift Guide, but there are numerous special occasions that fall between which require a particular type of present. To cater to birthdays, anniversaries and other personal days of celebration, we continue to update the online guide and dedicated iOS apps with an array of interesting goods which speak to a myriad of idiosyncrasies. Have a look below at some of the items filling out our new category, Latest Additions, and British readers don’t forget Mother’s Day in the UK this year is March 10th.

dandelion-paperweight-thumb-984x984-55458.jpg sendak-brothers-book-thumb-984x984-55360.jpg
Botanical Paperweight

Perfectly preserved, this handsome paperweight captures the graceful structure and magical whimsy of a dandelion, one of nature’s most useful flowers.

Maurice Sendak: My Brother’s Book

Published posthumously, “My Brother’s Book” is the last completed work by acclaimed “Where The Wild Things Are” author Maurice Sendak. Filled with his signature poetics and illustrations, the book is an ode to Sendak’s older brother Jack, who he credited for his love of writing.

Snurk-Astronaut-Duvet-GG-thumb-984x984-55394.jpg letterbox_paris_colored_mechanical_pencils-thumb-984x984-55373.jpg
Snurk’s Astronaut Duvet

Dream big with this clever astronaut emblazoned duvet and pillow case set. Digitally printed on 100% cotton, the playfully designed bedding encourages youngsters to shoot for the stars from the comfort of their own cozy bed.

Mechanical Colored Pencils by Letterbox Paris

Refresh your pencil box with these colored mechanical pencils from the makers at Letterbox Paris. Easily refilled, these are perfect for even the most ambitious doodlers.

american-dreamers-thumb-984x984-55410.jpg jack_rudy_cocktail_co_small_batch_tonic-thumb-984x984-55451.jpg
American Dreamers by Sharp Stuff

American Dreamers is the creation of Sharp Stuff, a Wieden + Kennedy project aimed at innovating independent print publishing. The book crowd-sources visionary ideas from optimists and inventors who believe we can create a better world. The insightful essays are as diverse as the contributors, which includes Stan Lee, Matthew Dickman and Arianna Huffington.

Jack Rudy Cocktail Co.’s Small Batch Tonic

Lovinlgy handcrafted in small batches in South Carolina, this tonic from drink specialists Jack Rudy Cocktail Co. includes carefully-distilled quinine from the Cinchona Tree and a unique mix of botanicals. Designed to make the perfect gin and tonic an easy affair, this is a staple you can proudly display on the top shelf.

movie-pass-thumb-984x984-54746.jpg parish-hall-caramel-corn-thumb-984x984-54948.jpg

The ultimate gift for any film buff, MoviePassis a unique service offering unlimited trips to the theater for a monthly fee. Armed with a MoviePass card and a smartphone app, your loved one simply checks in at theaters nationwide and swipes to retrieve their tickets. Gift packs start at $50 for one month and go up from there.

Parish Hall Caramel Corn by Blooming Hill Farm

The serious foodies behind acclaimed Brooklyn restaurants Egg and Parish Hall add their farm-to-table touch to popping fresh caramel corn. Produced at upstate NY’s Blooming Hill Farm, this sweet and savory snack is doused in caramel and spiced with fennel and cayenne pepper.