Cool Hunting Gift Guide 2012

Private islands, Brooklyn beard oil, baby gnome hats and more in our annual guide to giving


Not even the biggest Scrooge can deny a little holiday cheer upon perusing this year’s update to the Cool Hunting Gift Guide, and 2012 brings with it a new bounty of items sure to top your wish list this season. We’ve scoured the globe online and off to make the task of gift-giving not only easier, but super fun too. After all, who wouldn’t want to receive a private island designed by Frank Lloyd Wright? For the rest of us there are over 750 items in the guide and more are being added every day.

One of the major highlights this year is making the CH Gift Guide available as an iOS app. From the app, you’ll be able to create and share your own roster of items you plan to purchase (even if it’s all for you, we won’t tell), as well as directly email, Tweet or like an item on Facebook. We’ve teamed up with Fancy to make your shopping experience even more seamless by enabling purchases from inside the app for select items.


We will continue to update the guide throughout the holiday season, so watch this space for even more items you’ll suddenly realize you (or your someone special) can’t live without. Also keep an eye out for more gift-giving ideas in our tri-weekly roundups, which will thematically highlight some of our favorite items from many featured in our guide this year.