CH Omakase 2016: Master & Dynamic MW50 Wireless Headphones

Buttery soft leather, durable components, lush sound-quality and functional design combine for this tech accessory

By Tara Fraser

One of the products that CH Omakase clients got early access to are the beautiful Master & Dynamic MW50 on-ear wireless headphones—which sound as good as they look. The Bluetooth-enabled headphones are crafted using the finest materials and are available in black or tan leather that’s buttery soft. The ear pads are made from memory foam that’s wrapped in lambskin, so hours of wear doesn’t become uncomfortable—whether at your desk or on a plane. Not only are they soft, they are a third lighter than the brand’s MW60 headphones at just 240 grams.

Of course looks and comfort don’t matter unless there’s fantastic sound quality. Offering rich, warm and balanced sound, no matter the genre of music you listen to (or whose podcasts you subscribe to), the MW50s also boast a wireless signal range that’s three-times the industry standard. And compared to most Bluetooth headphones, the audio quality is phenomenal—we couldn’t discern any degradation compared to wired headphones. Though they don’t have active noise cancelling, the lambskin and memory foam combination on the ear pads creates a sound barrier, affording an optimal listening experience. We tested them listening to Bon Iver on a helicopter over NYC at sunset and were very impressed. The view wasn’t bad either.

Made for decades of use, the MW50s feature durable stainless steel components in high-stress areas and the ear-pads fold flat for safe and easy transportation. Not only are they tough, sound great and look gorgeous, they also offer an impressive 16 hours of battery life. And if you run out of juice, or need to plug in to something without Bluetooth, they come with a cloth-covered 3.5mm cable that stows nicely in the headphone’s carrying case.

Early access to the MW50 wireless headphones was part of CH Omakase 2016, but you can now buy them online at Master & Dynamic. For early access to next year’s products, reserve your CH Omakase box now.

Lead image courtesy of Master & Dynamic, all others by Cool Hunting