Diamond Lights

Minimalism meets romanticism for a fresh take on the lightbulb

lightsoff1.jpg lightsoff2.jpg

With a 15-watt halogen bulb encased in clear glass, the aptly-named Diamond Lights emanate a romantically vintage vibe balanced by a modern form. Created by Swedish graphic designer Eric Therner, Diamond Lights challenge the typical smooth pear shaped bulb in favor of something faceted, exuding both comfort and intrigue.


While claiming to not have a specific style, Therner states “I only design objects that I would like to buy for myself, and it has to be beautiful.” His first solo project, Therner previously worked on the award winning, conceptual coat hanger “Stick It To Me” as well as a project for Swedish bike Pilen Cykel.

Diamond Lights sells for £29 at Eric Therner’s site, as well as a limited run of 20 at the London Design Festival.

Photos by Jesper Lindström