Dyson Expands into Lighting

Sir James Dyson acquires son Jake Dyson's independent technological endeavors

Entering a new sector—the fifth in their iconic repertoire—the industrial designers at Dyson, helmed by founder Sir James Dyson, have acquired a lighting division, founded by James’ son Jake. The younger Dyson has spent 10 years working in the world of lighting, with much of his time dedicated to uncovering innovative methods to prevent overheating, and working toward sustainability. With this acquisition, keeping the company truly family-forward, Dyson has released two debut lighting products, both of which provide new, distinct value.

Currently available for purchase, the CSYS task light unveils many of his technological developments. And the result is a lamp with LED lights that purport to last for 37 years. This is possible thanks to an aluminum heat sink, which pipes away excess heat and prevents the product from damaging itself. The white light, delivered by eight high-powered LEDs and with touch sensitive dimming, can be easily re-positioned thanks to a three axis grid construct. The CSYS is available in desk lamp, clamp lamp and tall iterations, in both black and silver colorways.

Next up in their roster is the ceiling-mounted Ariel light. Three years of research and development went into its production, and it employs a similar heat dissipation technology. This overhead lamp aims to illuminate with brightness and clarity, while allowing for spatial honing. It’s brightness, color and energy efficient, through and through. The Ariel and the CSYS demonstrate Dyson’s commitment to innovation—and their exploration beyond vacuums and fans. Jake and his team, who inhabited a small workshop in South West London since 2004, have joined Dyson (and his father) and will helm the core lighting division.

Explore Dyson’s lighting products online now, where the CSYS lamp range starts at $650. The Ariel will be available later this year.

Lead image by Josh Rubin, all other images courtesy of Dyson