Dyson Airblade Tap

The innovative Brits build off the Airblade to bring together hand washing and drying

Whether we’re drying our hands with the Airblade hand dryer, warming up next to the Hot air multiplier or tidying the office with the Root 6 vacuum, we’re never far from a Dyson product here at CH HQ or at at home. As longtime supporters of British company’s innovative household designs we are more than intrigued by the Airblade Tap announced earlier this week, which launched to much-deserved fascination across the web. The clever design solves the unsanitary and unsafe problem of dripping water around the restroom during the transition from sink to hand dryer by offering a single station for both actions. Plus, the automated water and air output marks a commendable step toward making restrooms more efficient and of course more environmentally sound.

Dyson-Airblade-Tap-1.jpg Dyson-Airblade-Tap-2.jpg

In a quick video from Dyson, engineer Marcus Hartley walks through the Airblade Tap’s major functions for a straightforward look at how the pioneering technology will surely shape the way we wash hands in the future. For even more information from James Dyson himself, read the in-depth feature on The Verge or visit the Dyson website.

Images courtesy of Dyson