Evolving Image

Our dizzying new bathroom by NYC's premiere specialty painters

evimage1.jpg evimage2.jpg

When Annemarie Flynn and Andrea Patterson of Evolving Image stopped in on a friend’s recommendation to show us their portfolio of detailed murals and wall treatments, they saw the dismal white walls
of the small bathroom in the Cool Hunting office and got inspired. After presenting us with a few ideas, we gave some feedback and the duo tapped the third in their partnership, artist and colleague Jeremy Stanger, to implement the geometric pattern of his design.


The aqua-and-gray pattern now lines our entire bathroom, creating one cohesive, slightly psychedelic experience from floor to ceiling and elongating the narrow room. Along with a the revamped space, we can now count ourselves in the same company as other Evolving Image clients like the Metropolitan Opera House, Versace and The Plaza Hotel.


From big to small, the custom painters tailor every design (commercial or residential) to each space, drawing on their consummate skills with color, proportion, graphics and interiors to create gorgeous, inventive spaces. Styles range from wallpaper-like patterning to fanciful trompe l’oeils and subtle textures, but all add character to a room and, like in our case, can solve size or other structural issues. After we suggested the service to our friends at the food-focused boutique PR firm YC Media, Evolving Image painted a massive artichoke over a striped pattern (created with a squeegee) on their office wall.


In addition to eco-friendly paints, a variety of finishes including glazes, faux fabrics and plaster are available. The trio’s impeccable execution combined with seemingly endless capability turns any room into an open canvas for impressive decor.