Francis Kéré’s New Evolving Playground in Kampala, Uganda

On 14 October, a new playground in Kampala, Uganda from Burkina Faso-born, Pritzker Prize-winner Francis Kéré will open. Like all of the architect’s work, the playground weaves the needs, desires, hopes and life of the community within its design. The project—which began as a simple place to play—is now a multipurpose complex with space for workshops, night classes, open-air areas, a gym, internet café, music studio and multi-sport pitch. Kéré spoke with locals to understand the area, leading him to implement crucial details like blank canvases for graffiti artists and butterfly roofs that offer respite from the sun while providing enough ventilation for sports and recreation. Nestled between zigzagging alleys, the complex’s array of shady areas for dancing and gathering is inspired by palaver trees in West Africa which commonly act as a site for community meetings. Learn more about his spirited, hospitable project at Architectural Digest.

Image courtesy of Iwan Baan