Dankland’s Green Party T-Shirt

The LA-based agency encourages Americans to vote pro-legalization when pot's on the ballot this November

America, for all its pros and cons, is constantly evolving. We have an astoundingly long list of scientists and innovators who’ve helped keep the nation―and the human race―moving forward. A strength that’s harder to quantify but visible in history books is that the United States is malleable, by design, and its residents have the ability to change laws when time exposes injustices.

We’ll save you from reading yet another summary of the myriad reasons why people believe marijuana should be legalized and assume you’re already aware of all the medical, economic and civic benefits reformation would provide. What you may not know is that on Election Day 2016, registered voters in Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada will have the opportunity to vote for recreational use and folks in Florida, Arkansas and North Dakota can vote on it being used medicinally.

Pro-legalization supporters can now pick up a graphic T-shirt from LA-based DANKLAND, who’ve just released “a timeless design that could carry on as more states progress toward ending the war on cannabis.” The aptly named Green Party shirt packs a strong message in a subtle punch and is available online for $20.

Image courtesy of DANKLAND