Felicia Ferrone Furniture

Birdcage-like lamps and sculptural side tables blur the boundaries of shape and form in her newest collection


Born and based in Chicago, furniture designer
Felicia Ferrone is set to launch a brand new collection that pushes her in a different direction, with a mix of organic shapes constrained (or accentuated) by angular elements—or, as Ferrone herself puts it, “blurred boundaries.”

Design purists needn’t panic though: Ferrone is still true to form with bookshelves, shelving and hat stands that keep the clean lines and polished finishes for which the designer has become well-known—thanks in part to her stunning Revolution and Margot drinkware collections. As architectural as it is functional, the new collection clearly reflects Ferrone’s studies with the likes of designer Antonio Citterio and architect Piero Lissoni. (Although Ferrone admits when these opportunities presented themselves, she didn’t actually know who they were in the design world.)


“My modernist roots and love of minimalism are often present in my work,” Ferrone tells CH. “With each new piece, I find that the work takes greater and greater risks and pushes more boundaries.” The new collection certainly does that, and is a large departure for from her previous work. “The current range is about approaching things differently; archetypes are reinvented, topologies are crossed and blended. Delivering the unexpected through a seemingly simple gesture is one of the driving forces behind my work,” she says.


Ferrone’s additions to the collection are a colorful change; the side tables are sculptural yet simple, and the lamps are stunning pieces that could just as easily be ornate cages for exotic birds. The talented designer shows no sign that she’ll slow down: “I’ve always been interested in psychology and am always looking to challenge assumptions and expectations, creating new ways of interacting with objects and furniture.”

The current collection is launching soon and a selection will be on show at New York’s
International Contemporary Furniture Fair, 17-20 May 2014.

Images courtesy of Felicia Ferrone