4th of July Blues

Keep red and white to wines, and find summer party decor in this everlasting hue

Hold the urge to decorate your house and yard with red, white and blue; it only works for one weekend anyway. With long-term enjoyment in mind, we’re sticking with the blues this upcoming holiday weekend. In a year in which politics are especially important—and emotions are running at all-time highs on all sides—it’s especially important to to keep a level of patriotic hope alive. Enjoy our 4th of July blues and to avoid having the real-life blues in November, make sure you register to vote.

Indigo-Dyed Apron

We’d keep wearing Upstate’s Indigo-Dyed Apron ($70) long after the 4th grilling is over. The apron—complete with pockets—is dyed in Brooklyn and displays diamonds rippling out from the center like a pebble hitting the water.

Aquaovo Azure Water Filter

In an icy blue that’s sure to match all your refreshing cocktails, ABC Kitchen’s Aquaovo Azure water filter ($1100) isn’t cheap, but its multilayered filter removes 99% of water-born pollutants so your summer cleanse is safe. Functional and a statement-making piece aesthetically, it will keep all your party guests hydrated—indoors or outdoors.

Octahedron Table Lighter + Ashtray Set

Though it’s in the artwork price range, this functional Octahedron Table Lighter + Ashtray Set ($1250) gets the job done by lighting up the party. This table sculpture is made by Brooklyn-based glassblower Andrew O Hughes using aqua-lavender dichroic glass, and the material appears to change color under different lighting or vantage points.

Octopus Towel

Pulpo-loving NYC designer Thomas Paul has made a limited edition towel specially for Food52. The soft, 100% cotton Octopus Towel($70) also makes a great tablecloth. If you like the design, Thomas Paul has an entire shop dedicated to the mysterious eight-legged sea creature.

Glass Pitcher

Brooklyn-based industrial design studio Visibility and food design publication MOLD have collaborated on a borosilicate glass pitcher ($65) that’s more than just pretty to look at. Whether using it as a wine carafe, a mixing bowl or something else altogether, the pitcher’s colorful silicone rings can be moved or removed according to the measurements you need at the time. Dishwasher- and microwave-safe, it holds hot or cold liquids and promises to be a super-useful addition to the kitchen.

Navy Blue Hammock

For the serious lounger, slip into this high-quality navy blue hammock ($199), handwoven by artisans in rural northern Thailand using yarn that’s as soft as cashmere—which also repels mildew and mold, is fade-proof and guaranteed to not fall apart—meaning, it’s meant to last. Know that your afternoon nap will make an impact: Yellow Leaf is a social enterprise dedicated to fostering sustainable economic development for its weavers and their families.

Concrete Centerpiece Bowl

Designed for Alessi by Luca Galbusera, the award-winning La Trama e L’Ordito centerpiece ($460) is delicately patterned but made from concrete, sand and fiberglass—so it’s anything but fragile. The bowl can be used for food, flowers, or as a centerpiece and can be used indoors or outdoors (the materials are also resistant to alkalis).

Striped Linen Napkins

Design student Blair Moore started Stitch to help fund her senior design thesis at Parsons. She makes all of her products by hand in her tiny NYC apartment, including the crisp, striped linen Dinner Napkins, which come in a set of four ($60), bordered in a contrasting bright yellow.

Images courtesy of respective designers