Front Frame Collection


The Front frame collection by the Valencia-based odosdesign makes a colorful splash into an otherwise tepid market of decorative frames for the home. The current collection consists of four unique designs—Quick, Legs, Meccano and Layer—each characterized by vibrant hues and a unique shape that marries function with ornament.


Inspired by the rising market in affordable art, Front aims the collection at a more youthful, less serious collector, who might view paintings not as individual islands amidst a gallery white sea but as archipelagos of an interior world. While the frames seem unified by a boundless jubilance, the Legs model stands out (or leans rather) for its clever simplicity. The rather cute Quick frame, so named for its ease of mounting with no need for a level, will likely spawn a series of knock-offs the world over.


Still very new to market, the Front collection is largely available in Spain and a few other European countries. North American customers and aspiring dealers can contact Front sales manager Rafael Rodriguez by emailing r.rodriguez [at] moldurasgoya [dot] com for further information.