Fung + Blatt Lawnchair


More than just a clever play-on-words, LA-based architects Fung + Blatt's Lawnchair melds conceptual art with outdoor comfort for those who don't mind a few grass stains. Upholstered with rolled sod, a built-in "moisturizing" system helps irrigate while avoiding run off. When in production (prototype pictured), the literal lawn chair will be lightweight (at least under 25 pounds) and shipped ready to assemble. Fung + Blatt are currently working on a streamlined version of the chaise lounge that will be machined from aluminum and available in limited quantities this fall.

We think it's a great (and more practical) take on ReadyMade's clever sod sofa from a few years back, which you can check out in their archives. (You'll have to register, but on a side note it's well worth it for full, unrestricted access to dozens of their back issues.)