Holiday 2015 Gift Guides

Presents for green thumbs, lovable curmudgeons, sexually frustrated friends and more

During the Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday frenzy, the lead up to the rest of the holidays can be stressful at best. While you organize family reunions, create menu plans and travel all over the country (or world), we have your gift search sorted. From presents for green thumbs to sexually frustrated chums, lovable curmudgeons and motorbike enthusiasts; gifts that give back to a charitable cause; or pieces custom-made for the special human you’re buying for, our 2015 Holiday Gift Guides have something for everybody—and we will keep updating them until the last minute.

Pins and Patches

While during the ’70s and ’80s it wasn’t strange to see somebody repping their favorite band on their lapel or sporting bright yellow smiley faces patches on their knees, the fad dwindled. But over the past few years enamel pins and embroidered patches have come back into favor in a big way. From emoji to celebrity faces and song lyrics, tropical dreams and sad vibes for curmudgeons, there’s a pin or a patch for everybody (and their feels) these days. A fun and affordable gift, they’re also small enough to take on trips home or to pop into your bag for a workplace Secret Santa. Check out a bunch more of these accessories in our complete Pins and Patches Gift Guide.

Indigo Enthusiasts

Cool Hunting’s co-founders have long been indigo experts and enthusiasts, and their obsession has proven to be contagious—with the entire editorial staff sharing the passion. The lush, inky hue isn’t just heavenly to gaze upon; the process, textures and history of indigo all factor into its significance. From bandanas to sweaters, rugs and necklaces, we have gathered just a few of our favorite indigo-dyed items for gifting to your favorite people this season. If these selections pique your interest, check out the full Indigo Gift Guide in the Buy section.

Girl Power

Despite what pop culture might show, the feminist movement has been in full swing for much longer than just the past few years. That said, having the movement for equality front and center in our collective consciousness is new—and remarkably satisfying. From stationery to lapel pins, here is a collection of some of girl power products for feminists of all colors, genders, sexual orientations, ages, classes and identities—because the equality movement is for everybody. These playful, but ultimately empowering, messages call for a future in which double standards and institutionalized discrimination are erased. Check out the complete Girl Power Gift Guide for fun and fiery presents for your favorite feminists.

Too Many Cooks

The right tools and ingredients are essential in the kitchen. A great cookbook acts as a necessary guide for exploration, while a little personality in utensils make the experience altogether more enjoyable. And of course, with much of cooking and baking, precision is key and reliable devices deliver the best results. Whether you’re tenured in the kitchen, just getting started or enjoy watching someone deserved (of these gifts) slave away over a hot stove, the items in our Too Many Cooks Gift Guide are worthy of precious counter space.

420 Friendly

Devout stoners take their cannabis consumption seriously—whether they’re fond of edibles, vaporizers or good old-fashioned joints—and that means functional, stylish and sometimes playful accessories. From roach clips to bongs and cookbooks, our complete 420 Friendly Gift Guide has plenty of presents for your favorite chiller.

Green Thumbs

Whether buying for an expert gardener who has acres of backyard or an apartment-dwelling succulent-killer, there’s something for every kind of plant enthusiast this season. From beautiful watering cans that double as vases, to traditional Japanese gardening tools and even books about plants (for those with the heart but not the touch, regarding taking care of greenery), our Green Thumbs Gift Guide—of all skill levels—has you covered this holiday season.

Gifts That Give Back

Between sales, stressful family events, wild spending and tantrums, it’s easy to lose track of the real spirit of the holiday season. The glimmer of hope is the reminder that the act of giving, in itself, is remarkably satisfying—not to mention thoughtful. While donations can be made throughout the year to your charity of choice, here are some present ideas for loved ones that have a beautiful bonus: they also give back to the remarkable global community that we’re all part of. Take a look at our complete Gifts That Give Back Gift Guide in the Buy section.

Custom Presents

As much as you may want to shower your loved ones with gifts, the perfect present for each can be hard to find year after year. If you’re organized enough to be thinking about stocking up on holiday gifts already, ordering a customized item is a thoughtful way to make your gift extra special. From ceramic selfies to personalized skateboards, bespoke wallpaper to a fragrance crafted to suit a person’s individuality, our Custom Gift Guide is full of presents (almost) as unique as the person you’re buying for.

Lovable Curmudgeon

The holiday season is all about good will and cheer and festivities, but for some, it’s just a pain. Why not celebrate the cranky character in your life by buying them a lovably sarcastic present this year? From a sweater emblazoned with “Go Away” to a pennant saying “Fuck It,” our guide to buying for grumps is playful, funny and at times a little bit cute. Check out our full Lovable Curmudgeon Gift Guide and embrace (or enable) the sweet but ultimately sour person in your life.

Summer Dreaming

While half the world is enduring the grey skies and blustery winds of winter, the other half is living it up in glorious sunshine. That said, all of us are approaching the holiday season. So whether your next poolside hangout is on vacation, around the corner or only in your dreams for now, we’ve collected some of our favorite products—from swimsuits to games—for your next summertime adventure in the Summer Dreaming Gift Guide.

House Proud

Some of the best presents to give your loved ones are things they would never buy for themselves—whether it’s non-essential, something seemingly extravagant, useless but pretty or even self-indulgent. And yet, these oftentimes make for the most beautiful, engaging gifts. From throw blankets to clocks, prints and lamps, our House Proud Gift Guide includes items for all kinds of tastes and all kinds of budgets.

Sexually Frustrated Friends

For that friend who needs a little help in the boudoir, or even the one who you can speak freely with about all things sex, our provocative gift guide might contain the perfect present this holiday season. Whether your buddy is more suited to a demure kimono or softcore zine, or if they’re brave enough to accept a sex toy as a gift—there’s plenty of saucy products here. For people of all genders and sexualities, these items can be gifted to a partner, a pal or to yourself. Check out our complete Gift Guide for Sexually Frustrated Friends.

Games For Grown-Ups

Holidays are made for your inner child—the songs, the stories and the excitement—but kids of all ages should be allowed to be playful at any time of the year. Whether you’re into speaking to spirits via a Ouija board, coloring in, building towers or getting outdoors and playing pétanque, we have the game for you—albeit a slightly more sophisticated version than you might have been used to as a tot. Check out all our picks for playful presents in the Games for Grown-Ups Gift Guide.


Red and green may be the official adopted colors of the holiday season for many, but (like most) we are suckers for the allure of gold. For centuries, gold has been associated with royalty and luxury, and to this day, there’s not much as sumptuous and extravagant as golden-hued goods. It’s no surprise that we were so excited for the PAX limited edition gold release that we decided to create an entire Gold Gift Guide. From jewelry to playing cards and even a teepee, we have collected some of our favorite golden products to give this season.

Sophisticated Scents

While we may not give much thought to our noses on the day-to-day, as it turns out, it’s one of the easiest senses to please—and of course, turn off. These magnificently unique fragrances break out of the typical cologne or perfume box and activate the olfactory sense with thought and care. From candles, shampoos, incense and even laundry detergent, our Sophisticated Scents Gift Guide can charm even the most discerning nose.

Motorcycle Enthusiasts

For many, owning a motorbike isn’t just about riding—it’s a theme that permeates one’s entire existence and identity. We’ve trawled the web for motorbike-inspired gifts for those people in your life (whether it be a sister, uncle, pal or yourself) that are already set with basic gear like helmets and gloves. Be it curious, creative or functional, our Motorcycle Enthusiast Gift Guide has it: keychains, limited edition photos and a super-durable leather jacket.

CH Team’s Wish List

While the team at Cool Hunting shares plenty of interests, individually we offer different know-how and embody distinct tastes. Through our research and curiosity, we cross the paths of many products and experiences—and oftentimes some really stick. From digital cameras to sweet treats, turntables to watches, the following items are on the CH Team’s Wish List this holiday season. Dream gifts aside (and it’s a pretty varied list), our one shared wish is plenty of time with family and friends—but if somebody wants to give us a tropical island (or a loved one that might also like it), nobody would say no.

Lead image by Josh Rubin; following images courtesy of The Sill, Hands Down Project, Tom Dixon, Adam J. Kurtz, Schönstaub, Nomad Cookbook, Case Studyo, Imperial Publishing, Georgia Perry, Josh Rubin, Adrienne Fisher, Alpinestars and Todd James