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hoLAnda 2005


It might seem like the current focus of everyone's attention is on Art Basel, but across the Atlantic, the second bi-annual exhibition of Latin American design, hoLAnda, runs through 4 December in Amsterdam. Held in the restored Posthoorn church and organized by the Amsterdam-based Latin American Design Foundation the main event includes premiere designers like Mexico-based Bala Studio's Jetson-esque funerary urn (pictured, above right) and Brazilian Carla Tannenbaum whose kinetic spirals (pictured, above center) took home prizes in hoLAnda 2003 and in UNESCO's design competition. An emphasis on social projects brings in Pintando Pasos, Converse hand-decorated by craftsmen in Oaxaca, Mexico and the Brazilian collective Escama's bags made out of recycled aluminum pull tabs.


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