Honda, Intersection and Eley Kishimoto

Automakers, journalists, and designers collaborate on this fall-ready ride


Design-oriented car magazine Intersection got to try their hand at tricking out a new CR-Z in a recent collaboration with Honda. The result of this industry role-reversal is an autumnal, sand-colored body with orange rims by Yorgo Tloupas and matching tires by Marangoni. For the interior, Honda reached out to designer Eley Kishimoto, requesting that the design team incorporate the company’s “eco-flower,” their symbol for hybrid technology. Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto are no strangers to collaborations, having designed products for BMW, Incase, and Eastpack to name a few. Known for their signature “flash” print, Eley Kishimoto took their motto “print the world” seriously as they tackled this eco- and design-conscious project.

Kishimoto3.jpg Kishimoto8.jpg

Intersection Magazine approaches their coverage of automobiles from a unique perspective, judging automobiles “from a more artistic and cultural angle.” According to a company press release, “The CR-Z coupé has been completely re-worked as a contemporary design object.” Intersection seized the opportunity to work with Honda, mentioning their admiration for the automaker’s past work, specifically the Cub 50 and the Z600. While the Honda CRZ Intersection Coupé was a one-off creation, Intersection said they would like to see it work its way into regular production.