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Hulger PIP Base


You may remember the retro-chic Hulger PIP that we covered back in November 2005, and you might have also caught their fresh new Penelope Base over in Spear-land the other day, but what you haven't seen is the PIP Base, the latest Hulgarisation due to launch next week that's a CH exclusive. Cop a Bluetooth version or go wired—which simply means you'll either plug your mobile directly into the base or use the USB stick to attach it to your computer for Skyping. Either way, the new base is a slick update for the already stylish accessory. Sign up for their newsletter to be among the first to know when it's available. Also, look out for the new products as well as a collaboration with luxury leather goods maker Bill Amberg, at Futurelab's Designer's Block, In Production and at the Black & White shop (a project of Digital Wellbeing Labs happening during London's Design week).

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