Jason Holroyd’s “Like a Rolling Stone”

An artistically riveting tribute to Bob Dylan's hit song projected in motion and in a vibrant new book

Winning Creative Review’s Best in Book category as part of their esteemed Illustration Annual 2011, designer Jason Holroyd clearly knows how to make the paper medium an enticing experience. But it was actually Holroyd’s genius music video for the Bob Dylan classic “Like A Rolling Stone” that grabbed our attention. Using an overhead projector—or as he puts it, “technology of the time”—Holroyd performs an elegant dance with photographic transparencies of Dylan, Marianne Faithfull, Allen Ginsberg and others to tell a visual story about “the greatest song ever written.”


Not only are the song and images nearly perfectly in sync during the six-minute song, but his laborious and cheeky animation speaks to his award-winning ways: Holroyd created the charming music video eight months ago as a way to “keep fresh” outside of his regular work. Now, he’s adding more depth to the personal project with a fully-developed book, which he made using paint, tissue paper and screen-printing. “I also wanted to make the illustrated book from the motion piece as I thought it’d be nice to try and layer it up and add some color, and again try and add imagery and visual vibrancy to those amazing lyrics,” he explains.


The industrious designer and guest lecturer at Nottingham Trent University tells us, “In short, the whole piece is about the love of music and creativity.”

See the drawings behind his Dylan tribute, more photos of the book and Holroyd’s original video for “Like A Rolling Stone” in his online portfolio, where you should also be sure to check out another creative take on bookmaking—a Victorian scrapbook-turned-website for antiquities shop Le Chien Et Moi.

Images courtesy Jason Holroyd