“Unemployable,” 30 Years of Hardcore, Skate and Street

Jason Boulter's epic documentation of misfit culture and what it became

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With over 500 pieces of art—ranging from photography to paraphernalia and illustration—author Jason Boulter delivers an in-depth look at Stephen, Peter, and Matt Hill, the three Australian brothers who would go on to found Globe International. The brand is a household name in skate, street and surf culture. But with “Unemployable: 30 Years of Hardcore, Skate and Street” the balance of misfit identities in the context of a worldwide movement comes into play. Boulter portrays the 30 year development of the Melbourne, Australia scene, starting with rebellion in the ’70s and ending with a company that touches athletes in over 100 countries. Along the way, visuals from Globe’s famous skate tours and parties, surf contests and future-forward streetwear events get narrative support from the likes of Tony Hawk, Rodney Mullen and CJ and Damien Hobgood. Melbourne’s impact was undeniable. This vast tome explores it all, from the microscopic, compelling details to the far-reaching cultural repercussions.

“Unemployable,” released 11 October in the US and is available through Thames & Hudson or Amazon for $65. It’s worth mentioning that the 690 page book was printed on sustainably sourced paper.

Images by Cool Hunting