Delvaux x Stefan Schöning: Folder Chair


Known for their superior quality leather goods and elegant designs, luxury handbag pioneer Delvaux reached another level of sophistication by asking Belgian industrial designer Stefan Schöning to recreate his "Folder Chair" using Delvaux's black Taurillon leather. Inspired by Japanese Origami and made by hand, material flexibility was a key factor in achieving the complex folds used in the understated design. Originally made from polypropylene, Schöning worked with Delvaux to develop a system for the bull calf leather used for this edition that would later harden and reinforce the leather.

Designing products since 1994 and voted Designer of the Year 2008 by the Interieur Foundation, Schöning is no stranger to working with a wide variety of materials and products although this is his first project working with leather. His philosophy is that by expanding his design experiences he is able to sharpen the appearance of a design's identity by applying new technologies and materials in unconventional manners.

Unveiled at contemporary furniture exhibition Interieur 2008, it's now available upon request.