Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Olafur Eliasson's Little Sun, an LV waffle maker, a flock of umbrellas and more in our look at the web this week

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1. Louis Vuitton Waffle Maker

Artist Andrew Lewicki’s newest creation is a full-blooded child
of capitalism. Featuring Louis Vuitton’s signature LV-and-lily print, Lewicki’s waffle maker
promises to make your breakfast prettier, if not more expensive. Unfortunately, for now not even an Amex black can buy you this prototype.

2. Matchbook

Ever wondered what your favorite book would look like if it
suddenly turned in to a bikini? Well, look no further than this aptly titled Tumblr page, which ingeniously
combines iconic book covers and their opening sentences with models in
corresponding swimsuits.

3. Dispatch Camera Strap

Spotted on the wrist of blogosphere heavyweight Jeff Carvalho, we get a peek at the custom camera strap by DSPTCH for Gear Patrol. Woven in a blazing orange hue, the rope wristband looks right at home securing the vintage styling of the FUJI X100.

4. Flixel

A simple app for producing animated GIFs, Flixel looks to be the Instagram of the looped image. After capturing a sequence, users can then paint the animated portion of their frame or leave it fully animated. Completed animations are then shared with the Flixel community and broadcast across social channels.


5. London For Less

Travel guide “London For Less” takes on the British capital in a offline-capable app that includes street and tube maps, 12,000 points of interest and discounts to attractions and restaurants. The offline map is an out-of-network traveler’s dream, and the company plans to expand to other cities down the line.

6. Hut On Sleds

In response to coastal erosion, New Zealand architecture firm Crosson Clarke Carnachan created a sled-mounted structure as a fresh approach to the mobile home. The two-story structure can be towed by tractor and has a folding exterior that opens up to reveal a deck and windows for natural light and stunning beach views.

7. The Umbrellas of Águeda

Brightly colored umbrellas hang freely above an unassuming street in the small Portuguese town of Águeda, bathing its onlookers in a sea of octagonal shadows. While little is known of the artist in question, the audiences’ captivating images show the multicolored art installation in all its glory.

8. Little Sun

Modern art meets sustainability in Olafur Eliasson’s new exhibit at London’s Tate Modern. On Saturday nights visitors are invited to explore surrealism by the light of the cleverly designed Little Sun, a brilliant solar powered lamp Eliasson created in collaboration with engineer Frederik Ottesen, a device that could change the lives of millions of people living in the developing