Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Tech tattoos, Maluca's new video, clean DIY websites and more in this week's link roundup


1. Watch The Throne

Check out this hilariously unbridled review of the recent hit album “Watch The Throne,” alternately making comparisons to lesbians or skipping over lily pads. Going through track by track, the crit is entertaining, insightful and maybe even a little educational.

2. Electronic Skin Tattoos

The recent development of epidermal electronics, or skingrafted gadgets, puts us one step closer to the human computer.

3. Amphibious Architecture

With this system of sensors and lights Columbia’s Living Architecture Lab introduces a forward-thinking way for people to interact with rivers by SMSing fish and getting replies about the water quality.

4. Brooklyn Cruiser

An homage to to the borough’s cycling community, the new Brooklyn Cruiser bikes are designed specifically for simple city commuting. The easy-riders are the brainchild of avid traveler Ryan Patrick, who bikes every city he visits and wants to encourage cycling with a straightforward design.


5. Lola

The Fader features fashion-forward stylist, Jason Ferrar, and his vision for the homespun video “Lola” by one of NYC’s rising recording artists, Maluca Mala.

6. Adobe Muse

This week Adobe announced the beta version of their subscription-based Muse service, a website-building toolset targeted specifically at graphic designers and other visually motivated people who want a clean look with zero coding.

7. Transparency Toolbar

Shop online consciously with the Transparency Toolbar.

8. Pentax Q

Pentax decided to show off a bit with their release of the world’s smallest camera that has interchangeable lenses. The Pentax Q-Black is only 3.9″ x 2.3″ x 1.2″ which means it’s really, really small while still boasting 12.4 megapixels.