London Design Festival 2016: “Forest” Installations

MINI's small escapes in the middle of the bustling city

In bustling London, there aren’t many places to hide away peacefully, but thanks to a collaboration between Asif Khan and MINI there are now three. The MINI LIVING Forests are located in Shoreditch, as part of London Design Festival, and provide an escape for people looking for a little timeout. Each temporary pavilion has been created (and named) for a specific purpose—Connect, Create and Relax—and is filled with lush greenery. The plants were specially chosen by horticulturalist Jin Ahn, and guests are even encouraged to take a plant away with them when they leave. Functioning not only as a sanctuary for people, the installations can also be new homes for plants that owners can no longer care for.

Based on the Japanese “shinrin yoku” (meaning “forest bathing”) the spaces are tranquil and pretty, yet ultimately encourage conversation and thought about the future of urban dwelling.

Located in Shoreditch, London throughout the London Design Festival (17 to 25 September) the MINI LIVING Forests are open to the public.

Images courtesy of MINI