Outline Artists on Cool Hunting

A showcase of vibrant works from London's newest agency for graphic artists

outline-mr-bingo-brain.jpg outline-rob-bailey-flamingo.jpg

One stop we looked forward to making during last week’s annual London Design Festival was by the Outline Artists booth at Designjunction, where the small illustration agency was making its exciting debut. As the sister to Outline Editions—the UK’s revered online shop for exceptional graphic artworks—Outline Artists is already representing an impressive roster of creative talent. Look to this London-based agency for works from Mr Bingo, Kristjana S Williams, Hvass & Hannibal, Rob Bailey and Andreas Neophytou, with more to come.

outline-Andreas-Neophytou-good.jpg outline-hvass-hannibal.jpg

We’re pleased to announce that starting today, snippets of the brilliant works from the five artists Outline currently represents will be featured in the showcase at the top of Cool Hunting homepage. When one inevitably catches your eye, click on the image to see more of each artist’s portfolio—or head over to Outline Editions to pick up a high-quality print.

Images courtesy of Outline Artists; works featured (from top left) by Mr Bingo, Rob Bailey, Andreas Neophytou, Hvass & Hannibal