Pro-Idee’s Camping Cutlery

An all-incusive knife, fork, spoon and bottle opener set that's no bigger than the palm of your hand

pro-idee-picnic-cutlery-portable-1.jpg pro-idee-picnic-cutlery-portable-2.jpg

Camping season is upon the Northern Hemisphere and when you want to travel light, every item counts. From biodegradable utensils to a set that folds up into a pocket knife, we’ve come across a few appealing designs in portable cutlery. The newest addition to catch our eye at CH comes from German mail-order company Pro-Idee, a concept shop with a global eye for innovative products. Among their catalog of goods is the picnic cutlery, a stainless steel knife, fork, spoon and metal bottle opener that all tucks into a plastic, 9cm key fob—which is no bigger than the palm of your hand. There’s also a nylon strap, so it can be attached to the outside of your backpack. While the set isn’t ideal for larger-than-average hands, it’s a savvy, eco-friendly option for those concerned about carrying too much weight while hiking—the entire set is just 77 grams, if you’re counting.

The picnic cutlery set costs £30 and is available from Pro-Idee online.

Images courtesy of Pro-Idee