Rolls-Royce Debuts Spectre, Their First Fully Electric Vehicle

This ultra-luxe vehicle looks like the rest of the line-up, but marks a big change

Spectre, the first fully electric production vehicle by Rolls-Royce, is a massive two door, four seat “super coupé” that’s longer than most SUVs. Commanding attention though refraining from electrification over-design, its length, the marque’s widest-ever grille, split headlamps, lower stance and evolutionary style convey the car’s presence without shouting.

There aren’t many surprises with the design. It’s a continuation of the style Rolls-Royce has been delivering across its portfolio, and is certain to please existing owners and attract new ones now that the brand has an electric car to offer. It’s the first electric vehicle on the brand’s announced journey to being all-electric by 2030, now that “the technology has reached a standard that can contain the Rolls-Royce experience.”

The brand has always required instant torque, as much power as you need when you need it, and the quietest cabins of any automobiles. Spectre’s floor-mounted battery packs deliver even more of a sound buffer between the road and passengers, and its two quiet motors seated at each axle ensure that promise will be even easier to deliver upon.

Crafted from aluminum to keep the weight down (though still weighing in at 6,559 pounds), Spectre is aerodynamic despite its size, and takes the current title of most aerodynamic Rolls ever. Even its famed Spirit of Ecstasy hood ornament has been redesigned for optimal aerodynamics, undergoing more than 800 hours of modeling and testing.

Riding on its large 23-inch wheels—which are claimed to be the first on a production two door coupé in nearly 100 years—its indulgent proportions provide a large space for all of the car’s tech under the hood, a luxuriously appointed, roomy cabin and ample trunk space, delivering on another brand maxim that “there is no greater luxury than that of space.” 

It’s the first model offering their acclaimed Starlight technology—incorporating thousands of LEDs that can be customized to your preference—now available in the door and side panels as well as in the headliner. Front seat passengers will also get to experience a similarly illuminated fascia, its thousands of lights invisible during the day. A next generation user-interface (named SPIRIT) controls the car’s functions and is integrated with the brand’s Whispers app, providing owners both functional tools and content created by its “luxury intelligence specialists.”

As with any Rolls-Royce, customization options abound. Spectres will start delivery in late 2023 as a 2024 model year. If you haven’t already placed your order you’ll likely be waiting into 2025 to get yours. Anticipated pricing puts Spectre in the middle of the portfolio; likely around $400,000 before you begin your bespoke journey.

Images courtesy of Rolls-Royce