R/S Too

New online concept store lets designers shop their cities for you


Tapping into the excitement of traveling to foreign cities and discovering the rare, unique and otherwise special offerings, Relative Space‘s Tyler Greenberg took the idea of a concept shop online with a selection of “objects of interest” that represent designers and their cities. Every few months a new designer will take the reigns, selecting items that reflect their local narrative, starting with architect Juergen Mayer H and Berlin.


Reflecting the “overlapping disciplines of art, architecture, industrial and product design,” Mayer H’s pick of Berlin‘s talents include a Heaven & Hell origami-inspired purse by Bless, Mark Braun’s gold-lined porcelain jewelry case, Judith Seng’s beautifully crafted solid wood Trift tables and more.

rstoo-bless.jpg rstoo-braun.jpg

The current stock also includes a limited run of six specially-designed soccer balls by Mayer H for the site, a testament to the award-winning architect’s talent for playing with pattern and form.


Like the first edition, future designers will each select four to ten different items, which will sell online until sold out. A few objects may show up at Relative Space’s NYC or Toronto showrooms (or in a special show such as the recent “$H!T Happens in Berlin” display during ICFF), but the selection will sell chiefly online.


With Brooklyn as well as many more inspiring places on the horizon, R/S Too is a site worth keeping tabs on. Best of all, its simplified layout makes it easy to shop—whether by designer, city or style.