Salone Satellite 2006


Hopping a fence to get to the Salone Satellite from the main furniture fair made it clear that the grouping of smaller independent designers and schools was separated not only by the layout of the convention center, but in tone as well. Inside, the hall was teeming with young exhibitors and their designs and the sense of energy and innovation was palpable. From a beanbag office chair to modular hanging bookshelves, some of the most subversive work was to be found at the Satellite. Cool Hunting's picks with images after the jump.


The Slacker Chair (pictured right) is an "office chair for relaxed people," says Swedish designer Marie-Louise Gustaffson.


Viable, a London-based group that's just over six months old, makes furniture that presents unique solutions to urban living. Their upholstered Helve chair (pictured above left) features a nesting footstool that builds on their brilliant 2005 Shelflife (pictured above right).


Mixko is a UK-based collection of sports-themed objects includes a ceramic "Footbowl" cast from a deflated football and the 100% wool Corner Rug, a 1:1 replica of a corner of a field.


Among the many engaging designs by m-products—including a wall-mounted measuring tape called "Who Tall Are You?" that compares your height to celebrities' and a lamp that creates moire patterns—there were the m.oral teacups, like "Glutton" which drains contents when poured too full, and Sloth, a cup leashed to the saucer with a short chain (pictured above).


Turkish design studio ünal&böler studio's salkim book rack is a flexible way to store libraries and can double as a room divider.


Belgian designer Amandine Haumont's Living Room in a Box (pictured above) is in keeping with her focus on "the human being as a center of interest," converting from a footstool to a lounge by way of velcro, a few clips, and the enclosed pillows.

All we know about these Acrylic DIY Chandeliers is that they require no glue, sell for about $1200, and are Italian-made. We'll keep you posted if we ind out more.


domo modo's dodecahedron is the latest from their line of modular lighting systems and made for a fitting center point of the Satellite.