Fresh from the Mint

An "elastic collective" steals the show at Salone Satellite 2012

Showing some of the most interesting work on view at Salone Satellite 2012, Fresh from the Mint is a self-described “elastic collective” from Germany. The group, whose members hail from the University of Art and Design in Offenbach, presents a united body of work with the common spirit of simplicity and innovative functionality, while at the same time retaining the distinct identity of its designers.


Sarah Böttger is happily obsessed with details. Her project, “Boxes”, embodies this passion for meticulous organization with a set of practical and easy-to-stack wooden vessels that can be combined as bricks or filled with a variety of objects. “H2” is a series of plastic modular clothes racks that allows you to hang, hook or clamp your clothes. Böttger’s crusade against clutter is rounded off with “Skale”, an object that is part wardrobe, part side table, shoe shelf or simply an instrument to display our favorite outfits.

“Stool” is another clever object by Kathrin Schumacher. The modular cushion can be used to cover the seat or store items, saving space by fitting under its own legs. Schumacher also presents “Jätte”, a series of pillows that can be hung from the wall in several ways with fabric loops.

“The Royal Family” consists of three modular stools concived by Ellen Heilmann, stylistically uniform but with a clear separate identity. Each part of every stool can be used as a seat or as a table.