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Studio van Broekhoven + Olivier van Herpt: Solid Vibrations

Translating soundwaves to 3D-printed ceramic pots

The “Solid Vibration” project is an ongoing collaboration between Eindhoven, The Netherlands-based sound laboratory Studio van Broekhoven and industrial designer Olivier van Herpt, who built a custom ceramic printer where the extruding clay is influenced by vibrations emitting from a speaker. As the video above makes clear, van Herpt’s printer translates low, rumbling frequencies into textural patterns that resemble weaving. There’s a lot of room for experimentation here and we are curious to see how something like full musical albums could be applied to the printing process, and what “solidified sound” emerges.

We also recommend checking out more of Olivier van Herpt’s work. The designer pushes the limitations of 3D printers in a myriad of ways: from adding unexpected elements to the printing process (like computer-controlled heating/dripping of paraffin, similar to how stalagmites are naturally made) to creating machines that can “sense” and record their environment. His work is featured in the upcoming exhibition “Beauty—Cooper Hewitt Design Triennial,” which opens 12 Feb in NYC.

Found via The Creators Project

Images courtesy of Studio van Broekhoven


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