Tan Lines

Leather patio furniture literally tanned by the power of the sun


Using an unusual approach to treat leather, design studio Greece Is For Lovers’ set of table and chairs features a nautical pattern that has literally been sun tanned onto the surface. Cheekily dubbed “Tan Lines,” they stenciled a pattern onto the leather with sunscreen, exposing it to direct sunlight to darken the negative space. Over time, the two-tone design will weather more, fading the imagery into a single bronzed hue.

“We like this temporary decoration as it acts as a metaphor for the tan lines on the human body—they tend to go away very soon after one’s holiday! Furthermore, the ‘camping type’ of foldable furniture had been a staple choice for the Greeks of the late ’70s to early ’80s, long before the monopoly of the white plastic chair,” GFL’s Thanos Karampatsos explains.


For more of the Athens-based studio’s lighthearted limited editions and one-offs, check out the “Ashe is OK” ceramic ashtray-cum-flowerpot, the “Ingrid & Stavros” bottle bikini and the “R.I.P.” broken heart candle.

Greece Is For Lovers recently took their brick-and-mortar operation online, opening an e-shop that peddles their smaller items.