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Three Options for Dining al Fresco

Newly available from Flight 001, these clever designs make picnics in the park, or days when you're brown bagging it, easier and tastier. Swiss Spice Salt & Pepper Shaker gets rave reviews from CH colleagues for its water-resistant design that reportedly stays clog-free even in Himalayan-high altitudes. To scoop, spear or saw at your perfectly-seasoned meal, the Spork ($3) by Light My Fire updates the cafeteria classic by de-integrating the fork from the spoon (it's now on either end) and adding a serrated edge. The Outdoor Meal Kit ($24) includes a Spork, as well as two plates, a spill-free cup, a combined colander and cutting board, providing everything needed to prepare and consume a meal and packing into a small water-tight container.


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