Tweezermate 10x Lighted Mirror

Tweezerman's souped-up magnifying mirror sheds new light on grooming


For the obsessively vain, the original
magnified mirror reveals every pore, blemish and hair, coming in handy for putting in contact lenses and all sorts of other detail work. Now, the compact little wonder is even more useful for all your tweezing, make-up or other fussy grooming needs with the addition of a surprisingly powerful light. A built-in, battery-powered LED shines onto the face, guaranteeing better accuracy for a precise pluck or a quick touch-up.

While the black plastic housing might mean you want to hide the device away, suction cups make it easy to stick onto most smooth surfaces, like the inside of a bathroom cabinet (where I put mine). The design also makes it a boon for travel, as well as for tight spaces where there’s no room for a stand-alone mirror.

The mirror sells online from Tweezerman for $18.50