We’re Revolting

Su Wu's coup d'état at Creatures of Comfort LA

by Vivianne Lapointe


We’re Revolting,” a new pop-up installation at Creatures of Comfort, is LA-based blogger Su Wu’s golden opportunity to translate her popular website, I’m Revolting, into something concrete. Earlier this summer, Wu was commissioned by Creatures of Comfort owner Jade Lai to collaborate with a selection of her favorite creatives—artists and designers from Australia to Brooklyn to Japan to LA, all of whom she has featured online—and create unique, never-before-seen items for the West Hollywood cult boutique.

coc-revolt4.jpg coc-revolt5.jpg

“Part of the terror of running a blog is that you wonder if you’ll like the people whose taste you happen to share,” says Wu. “The things that we surround ourselves with are sort of an indication of who we are, and it’s turned out I made some true friends in the process of putting this together.”


The pop-up features broken board tables by Jack Craig, geodesic salt- and soda-fired pottery by Jonathan Cross, marbled silk shawls and scarves by Ilana Kohn, oddball lockets by Kirsten Perry, ceramic bangles by Julie Hung, handmade combs and bracelets by David Neale, free-form tapestry pieces by Haruhi Okubo, hanging lights and sculptural baskets by Doug Johnston, pom pom eyeballs and weavings by Mimi Jung, brass folding mirrors by Morie Nishimura, loopy rugs by Joanna Williams, kaleidoscope glasses by Brent Paul Pearson and dipped resin geodes by Elyse Graham.


“These are all great artists that I had admired from afar for years and years, and when Creatures approached me it was the perfect opportunity to talk to them about possible collaborations on ideas they’d been experimenting with,” Wu adds.

“We’re Revolting” runs through 10 November 2012 at Creatures of Comfort LA.

Images by Kimberly Genevieve.