Cabana Cachaça


On the heels of the enduring Caiprinha craze, Cabana Cachaça is "double distilled" and is one of the latest brands to capitalize on the rising popularity of Brazil's national spirit in North America.

Unlike conventional rum which is made from molasses, cachaça is the product of pure cane sugar and is an excellent ingredient in cocktails. It's the standard-bearer spirit in Brazil and popular throughout Latin America but has only made landfall in the United States and Europe relatively recently and deserves a try.

Cabana Cachaça's creator, Matti C. Anttila, is working hard to lead the resurgence of cachaça, a quality spirit that for years Brazilians dismissed as common compared to name-brand imported whiskey, vodka and gin.

The resurgence of cachaça has attracted the notice of longtime observers of mixology trends and the booze industry. "They're touting the whole double-distilled thing to move their cachaça out of its historical realm of peasant drink," notes Liquor Snob magazine. According to Liquor Snob, what's long been dismissed as a drink for the rural poor is now being enjoyed by the young yachters and captains of industry who recognize it as a fine spirit and by "mixologists" who make gourmet Caipirinhas with muddled lime and sugar with quality cachaça.