Choccywoccydoodah Chocolatier


On a recent trip to London we felt the beach calling and headed south to Brighton, where we discovered Choccywoccydoodah. Meandering the streets of the seaside town, we came upon a shop with strange sculptures in the window and it took a minute to sort out that the shining Victorian skull wasn't in fact made of porcelain, it was 100% Belgian chocolate.

Known as the couturiers of chocolate, Choccywoccydoodah creates bespoke wedding cakes using a secret recipe passed down three generations and one-off sculptured fantasies, adorned with chocolate flowers comprised of nothing but chocolate, unlike most places who use fondant or glycerine. For sillier moments, they also make chocolate covered popcorn lollipops and naughty-inspired chocolate bars, perfect for birthday parties or gag gifts—all designed and handmade in their studio in Brighton.

A classy way to experience the chocolate bohemia is at their choccywoccyboudoir, where you can hole up with nine of your friends and intimately gorge yourselves on pure hot chocolate, chocolate cakes, milkshakes, truffles, Turkish delight and more.


What we love most about the free spirited chocolatiers is their commitment to quality and innovation, always seeking out new processes and inspiration in order to keep things exciting in the shop and in your mouth.

Stop by their shop or their bar du chocolate in Brighton, or check out their selection of goodies at Liberty in London.