A new instant noodle boasts more vitamins and minerals than spinach, carrots or broccoli with a delightfully chewy texture


GreeNoodle, a new instant noodle, gets a dose of added nutrition from moroheiya (aka mallow and mulukhiyah). First cultivated in Egypt and gaining popularity in Japan, the ancient vegetable’s fiber gets spun into jute while its leaves are harvested as a vegetable.


Moroheiya boasts more vitamins and minerals per serving than spinach, carrots or broccoli with a chewy texture that lends itself perfectly to noodles. Made using organic moroheiya grown by GreeNoodles’ creator in Japan, the brand doesn’t stop there. The pasta isn’t fried and keeps it healthy by skipping chemical or artificial ingredients.

Perfect as a quick snack or as an ingredient in a more complete meal, GreeNoodle makes for an easy way to add vegetables to diets. The new product, currently available in three varieties, plain without soup mix (vegan), Tom Yum soup and Shiitake and Soy Sauce soup, sells at
some West Coast retailers
online soon