Mini Pops

The tastiest and healthiest snack food you're not eating yet


A staple in grain production worldwide, sorghum is slowly making its way from the side stage to the spotlight. It’s easy to grow anywhere on the globe, inexpensive, gluten-free and, with a mild taste that partners perfectly with seasoning, you’re going to start seeing a lot more sorghum-based snack foods in the future. One of the first we have seen, which happen to be extremely satisfying, is popped sorghum, made by newcomers to the snack food industry, Mini Pops.


The snack is made from organic, pesticide- and genetically modified-free sorghum grown in the USA. It also has fewer calories, less saturated fat, less sodium and more protein, calcium and fiber than popped corn does, not too mention being high in iron, antioxidants and heart-friendly policosanols so you can enjoy a light airy snack with your favorite rom-com without any guilt. Nature has also blessed sorghum grains with softer hulls than corn, preventing those awkward moments of sticking your fingers in your mouth trying to pry uncomfortable wedges from between your teeth.


Mini Pops comes in plain and seven other flavors (we loved the Nano Pepper & Herb and the Baby White Cheddar), as well as in bags of raw kernels that you can pop and flavor yourself. Try some with a dash of Lucini’s Organic Limited Reserve White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Nudo’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Sicilian Chilies for a quick, healthy and low calorie snack.

Mini Pops are available online at the Mini Pops shop or look for a retailer near you. A 16-ounce bag of raw kernels sells for $13 and the six-ounce flavored bags sells for $3.50.